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Quinquagesima Sunday

Father Goffine’s instructions for Quinquagesima Sunday

Father Francis Hunolt’s five short sermons

1- Many, During Shrovetide, Prefer to Follow the Devil Rather Than Christ

2- On Giving Edification to the Wicked

3- The Manner in Which we Ought to Pray

4- Shrovetide

5- The Eternal Fire of Hell

Unabridged sermons by Rev. Father Francis Hunolt.  Find the details on Catholic books and thousands of religious articles.  The Mother of Our Savior Company / Refuge of Sinners Publishing are in the process of re-printing these unabridged sermons.

V1=The Indecency and the Bitterness of the Pleasures of Shrove-Tide.

V2=Unavoidable Intercourse with Sinners as a Means of Edification to Others

V3=On the Manner in Which We Ought to Pray.


V5=On the Eternal Fire of Hell

Saint Thomas Aquinas explains the Gospel – from the Catena Aurea

Saint Thomas explains a parallel Gospel

Saint Cyril on the Gospel

Saint Cyril on the Advantage of Patience

Saint Augustine on the Harmany of the Gospels

A Sermon of St. John Chrysostom on the Gospel


On the love of God and the Illumination of the Blind Man