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Second Sunday after Epiphany

Father Leonard Goffine and the Church’s Year

Abridged Sermons for all Sundays of the Year by Saint Alphonsus Maria De Liguori, Doctor of the Church.  Edited by Rev. Eugene Grimm.  Copyright 1890, by Elias Frederick Schauer.

Confidence in the Mother of God

The Charity of Our Lady This Mp3 file of Chapter 16 is extracted from As I Have Loved You by Father John Kearney.  Please obtain your printed copy of this excellent book from  You will probably receive a 10 % discount on your order if you tell them you saw this notice on the website.

Father Francis Hunolt’s five short sermons

1- Those Who Hear the Word of God without Fruit

2- Human Frailty in Dangerous Occasions

3- The Happiness of a Good Conscience

4- The Course to Be Adopted by Those Who Intend Embracing the Married State

5- The Judge as Our Redeemer

Unabridged sermons by Rev. Father Francis Hunolt.  Find the details on Catholic books and thousands of religious articles.  The Mother of Our Savior Company / Refuge of Sinners Publishing are in the process of re-printing these unabridged sermons.

V1=On those who Hear the Word of God without Fruit.

V2=Human Frailty in Dangerous Occasions. z2e2

V3=On the Happiness of a Good Conscience.  z3e2

V4=On the Course to Be Adopted by Those Who Intend Embracing the Married State. z4e2

V5=On the Judge as Our Redeemer  .z5e2

Saint Thomas Aquinas explains the Gospel – from the Catena Aurea