Jesus Mary Joseph

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14th Sunday after Pentecost

Father Leonard Goffine & The Church’s Year

Abridged Sermons for all Sundays of the Year by Saint Alphonsus Maria De Liguori, Doctor of the Church.  Edited by Rev. Eugene Grimm.  Copyright 1890, by Elias Frederick Schauer.

All Ends, and Soon Ends

Sermon of Saint John Mary Vianney = Audio MP3 file

The Love of God

Five short sermons by Father Francis Hunolt

V1=14th after Pentecost - The Presumption of Every Sinner.

V2=14th after Pentecost - Two Essentials of True Sorrow for Sin.

V3=14th after Pentecost - The Advantages of Gratitude to God.

V4=14th after Pentecost - The Duties of Servants toward Their Masters and Mistresses.

V5=14th after Pentecost - The Easy Means That We May Use to Increase our Glory in Heaven.

Saint Thomas explains the Gospel