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     I do not believe in supporting Monsanto and the chemical companies.  That is why I practice organic farming on this property.  This property in Ecuador is now for sale at a very discounted price from what has been invested here!  If you, or anybody you know, might be interested in buying this property please contact:

Patrick Henry


     This property is now listed with a Real Estate Company.  I suggest you use this hyperlink and go to that website first and read the description and watch the slideshow.  Also, be sure to watch the YouTube movie showing an aerial view filmed with the use of a drone.  After that, please come back to this place and use the hyperlinks below to see many more videos and pictures with descriptions.  Thank you for your interest in the property, and please share with others.

     If you look at the pictures and videos (see below), you will see that there is much moringa growing on the property.  The information at these two hyperlinks will explain why moringa is spoken of as the most nutritious plant on earth; as well as many benefits of eating moringa and drinking moringa tea: and

Here you can see pictures and also videos of the property in Ecuador.

Pictures taken in October and December of 2019 These pictures are larger, and therefore it is a large file that might take longer to open.

Pictures taken in October and December 2019 = smaller file This is about the same set of pictures and information as is found in the above hyperlink, with the exception that these pictures were made smaller in the original file – and therefore this file might load faster if you have a slower computer connection.

YouTube movies filmed in October and December of 2019

Pictures and videos of Ecuador; mostly taken in 2017